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12 May 2016

Available in a variety of straps, automotive belts are of a great use in the industries. They increase efficiency, make less noise, require less maintenance and almost need no lubrication. These straps operate on less energy and thus, are quite cost-efficient. In fact, the efficiency of the straps depends on the pulley to which they are attached as there is variation in the speed of the pulleys of different diameters. The V-shaped straps are used to produce the wedging action on the pulleys to intensify friction and bring improvement in power broadcast.

The three types of locomotive straps also help to increase efficiency:

* Clogged straps - With a grooved base, the slots of the clogged straps operate perpendicular to the length of the belt. Besides, providing the firm grip on engine accessories, they are two percent efficient than the standard straps. They are considered the bets for high-load applications and should be replaced after every three years.

* Synchronous straps - The high-torque synchronous drive straps require less maintenance and can be easily operated in a wet and oily environment. However, they make noise but are highly efficient even over a high load range.

* Standard straps - Half-inched standard straps were majorly used in the automobiles years back and work great for the lighter loads. They should also be replaced after every three years like clogged straps.

Along with these types of straps, straps have also been divided on the basis of their usage and shape. These belt drives are of two types- flat belt drives and open belt drive. Flat belt drives transfer the power between the pulleys whose axes are parallel to each other.

Transmission Belts

Another form of straps is transmission belts which are made with superior raw materials and come in various designs, sizes and shapes. These straps are highly durable and are used for long-term purposes. Our skilled and professional team handles everything easily and efficiently. These transfer straps are different from the traditional straps and are able to handle different chain drives and shafts.

The straps manufactured by Shibam Power Broadcast Traders require less energy and thus, consume less power. These straps have often short diameter, good edge, and constant RPM. They feature durability and can be operated without causing any vibration. These straps suit your every need like for food processing, engineering, textiles, and pharmaceuticals.

Shibam Power Broadcast Traders equip you with a large variety of the straps of unmatched quality and are branded, undoubtedly. Our professionals put our best efforts to create the straps of excellent quality featuring high tensile strength and resistivity. They are extensively sold in both domestic and international market. We hold a good reputation in the market and sell our straps at the low prices. Being a big distributor of the pulleys, straps, and bearings, we deliver our products ensuring that they will be delivered on the same day.

Straps of various shapes, sizes, and designs are used in the industries for different purposes. The locomotive straps are used extensively in the industries and need less maintenance and make almost no noise. They have been classified into three types- clogged straps, standard straps and synchronous straps. All these three types of straps have been named after their usage, size, and shape.

Straps used for transfer of power between the pulleys are known as transfer straps and are commonly used for the long-term jobs in industries. With short diameter and constant RPM, these straps have high tensile strength. Shibam Power Broadcast Traders manufactures a high range of these branded straps and at the affordable prices.

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